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Bride and The Beard by K.C. Crowne

"Let's get married." Picture this: A rugged mountain man in Vegas. It's a joke. And I'm ready to get this trip over with. Then I see HER. A sexy knockout that catches me off guard... She hates me from the start. And I have a plan. Wine her and dine her in the city that screams lust. But we wake up next to a marriage certificate on the bedside. She thinks she made the biggest mistake of her life, but I disagree. Fortune favors the bold and I'll prove to Emily I'm the perfect man for her. * * * Bride and the Beast is a steamy standalone mountain man suspense thriller romance, and part of the Bearded Brothers Series. Transport yourself into charming and magical small town of Blue River, Colorado as we follow four bad boy, rugged and possessive Hunter Brothers in their quests to find lasting love on the mountains.
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