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Breeder by Marissa Farrar

Now Complete Series! Prisoner on an alien planet, I have only one role - to birth their spawn. Sent in a worldwide asteroid strike, the alien race, the Trads, sneaked onto Earth to steal women away to repopulate their own planet. I, Tara Chase, am one of those women. I believed my lover to be a gorgeous human man, only to be shown the most terrible of truths... He’s anything but. Now I’m on his planet of Tradrych, and after a three month stint in cryostasis, I’ve woken to find myself a prisoner on the verge of birthing his child. And I’m not the only one. I share the facility with numerous other women, all close to giving birth. The aliens who tend to us look like handsome demons, with scales, horns and even a tail. There are multiple Trads to every human woman, and I know once this baby is out of me, I’ll be handed back to them to impregnate again. I see the way the Trad males working at the facility look at me—with hunger in their flame-filled eyes. When the time comes for us women to give birth to the aliens inside us, we’re taken away and never seen again. My time is close now, but I won’t give up without a fight.
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