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Breakout by Stephanie Kay

She was never supposed to see him again... Penny Connor was practical to a fault. Which is why the beautiful accountant was determined to enjoy her honeymoon— groom or no groom. After walking in on her fiancé with another woman, she called off the wedding and hopped a plane to Italy. She allowed herself one sizzling week, acting completely out of character under the Tuscan sun with a handsome stranger, before returning home to pick up the pieces. Hockey hotshot Ethan Hartnell had quite the reputation living life on his own terms. Being traded to the San Francisco Strikers, due to his questionable behavior was a fresh shot— his last shot. One he couldn’t afford to mess up. Everything was going according to plan, until he walks into a local bar and sees the woman who ran away from his bed in Tuscany. Which is exactly what she plans to do when they see each other again— but this time he’s not going to let her get away so easily.
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“If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?” ― Jerry Seinfeld

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