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   Men envy Breaker Winslow and women want to sleep with him. As a top cover model with a budding acting career, he’s living every man’s dream. Parked in a luxurious townhouse in Manhattan, Rick Breaker Winslow has any woman he wants.   

   When fire rips through his home, trapping his golden retriever, Breaker pushes firemen aside to save his beloved dog. While racing for the stairs with the canine in his arms, a falling beam crushes them, killing the animal and scarring Breaker’s face.

   With his career in shreds, Rick’s friends turn their backs on him. Broken, despondent, and alone, he holes up in a decrepit farmhouse in Pine Grove. Will an abandoned pug, a hot veterinarian, and a country town help rebuild his life or is escape his only answer?   


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