Bought by the Bouncers
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Bought by the Bouncers by Casey Morgan


Two hot shifters are fighting over which one gets to protect me.
Can I help them learn to share me before they kill each other?
Love's Hollow, New York is a refuge for magical creatures. 
Yet, as a human, I'm drawn to the safety of the town.
I needed to escape my abusive father.
And an undeniable feeling draws me here.
It turns out my safety lies in the arms of two wolf shifters.
Jakob and Elias are brothers who work at the Lucky Spell Pot.
As bouncers for the place, they're used to providing security.
The dynamic between these two wolf shifters is set in stone. 
Elisa, as the oldest, calls the shots. And Elias obeys his orders.
But that soon changes when they both start to date me.
They're used to breaking up the fights around here.
But now these two are the ones coming to blows. 
I don't want to come between brothers.
So my only choice is to flee. Now all I need is money.
Luckily there's an auction house where I can get some.
But what I need to put up for sale is my virginity.
Apparently my bouncers want to fight over buying that, too.
But maybe there's a way to get them to share.
Especially once we realize destiny has something to say about it.
Will I have to leave the only safe place I've ever known?
Or will my two fated mates work together to keep me safe?

This paranormal reverse harem wolf shifter auction romance is part of the Love's Hollow Auctions series of books that can be read on their own and in any order but are best enjoyed together. It has no cheating or cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It is high heat and for adults only.

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