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Borrowing Bentley by Melanie Shawn

Stand-alone Wishing Well romance, complete with HEA--and plenty of heat and heart along the way! Bentley Calhoun Maisy Turner and I had been butting heads since we were five years old. That girl knew every one of my buttons and loved to push 'em. Folks like to say that we have a love/hate relationship, but I've never felt much of the love...from her side, anyway. So when I got roped into working side by side with her, I was expecting sparks to fly--I just thought they'd be from us rubbing each other the wrong way, not the right one... Maisy Turner When scandal broke in Wishing Well and I was called in to right the wrongs, I jumped at the chance to step up and finally be seen as an individual, and not just, "one of the Turner triplets." I was prepared to do whatever it took to advance my career and stand on my own two feet...even if it meant working side by side with the only person in town I couldn't stand. Bentley Calhoun had been a thorn in my side since kindergarten. He was like a rash that wouldn't go away--an annoying itch that drove me crazy. Problem with itches was, it felt so good to scratch 'em. Author's Note: This is a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, workplace romance served with a big helping of meddling family and friends, a small-town scandal, with a side of hot southern nights.
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