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Body Jumping by Brenda Lowder

The new genre-bending romance from bestselling author Brenda Lowder… How do you find your way back when your body is not your own? After a head-on collision leaves drab Julianne in a coma, her spirit separates from her body and flies into another body. Then another…and another…finally landing inside beautiful, but troubled, Evie. What if you had the chance to start over as someone else? As Julianne/Evie discovers her own confidence and strength, she works to rectify the mistakes made by both of them. Julianne finds a freedom she’s never known in Evie’s body. She even finds the courage to pursue her long-time crush, Aiden. But is he falling for Julianne’s spirit or Evie’s beautiful body? Now the guys who were after Evie are on Julianne’s tail, and she must find a way to get back into her own body to save everyone she has come to love. Will she find a way back to herself in time? Does she even want to?
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