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Blue Sky by Alana Albertson

Don’t sleep with the nanny. The one rule I swore to myself that I would obey. As a United States Naval Officer and a pilot for the world famous Blue Angels, I always play by the rules. Hell, I make the rules. And I never break them Until I meet Paloma. I can’t ignore how she makes me feel alive again after I was certain that my heart was closed to love. We have nothing in common besides our love for my daughter. I’m rich; she’s poor. I’m her boss; she’s my employee. I’m dead inside; she’s full of life. Despite our differences, I let lust control my actions and kiss her like it’s the last night of the world. Which it is, because our passionate kiss has changed my life forever. I may be a Blue Angel, but she has woken the devil inside. And I’ll do anything to make her mine. Alana Albertson brings you an emotional love story between a widowed Blue Angel pilot and the one woman who is forbidden to him—his baby’s nanny. Blue Sky is an epic standalone, slow burn, ugly cry romance.
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