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Bloom by Sudha Kuruganti


Magic. Wonder. Mystery. A love story 200 years in the making. And an enemy in the shadows...

Bollywood meets Twilight in this addictive tale of reincarnated lovers and revenge.

When eighteen-year-old Samantha visits India for the first time in ten years, she expects to spend the summer before she starts college reconnecting with her grandmother - the last link she has to her roots and her father's homeland.

No one around Sam knows what to make of this half Indian-half white girl with her purple hair and her ripped jeans, but that's fine. She's not here to make friends.

Vikram, on the other hand, is great at making friends. As long as they're customers. He's spending his summer working at his dad's flower shop. He's desperate to prove that he can take over the family business.

When these two meet, there's an instant attraction. But between them lies the shadow of a two-hundred-year-old love story and a murky prophecy. Add in a faceless enemy determined to keep them apart, and things aren't going to go smooth.

And then there's the fact that there's more to Vikram than meets the eye. Sam could almost swear there's something otherworldly about him...

Start this series of standalone romance novels set in India, each featuring a different slow burn clean paranormal romance. Happy endings guaranteed!

Start the series now with the prequel, Elemental, and continue with Book 1, Bloom.

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