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Blood Song by Charli B. Rose

His blood sings for hers. TOVEN ~ Musical genius. Bloodthirsty monster. I was both, sometimes one more than the other. The bloodthirst was my curse. Songwriting was my joy. I hated what I was, so I shut myself away from the world, even as they came to accept vampires as part of normal society, and embraced darkness. It worked fine for nearly a hundred years. But it seemed the world was no longer content to let me be a recluse selling my songs from the shadows. They demanded I step into the light and join the land of the living. CELESTA ~ College student. Orphan. I was one, then the other. Tragedy snatched everything from me and left me with so many questions. So, I devised a dangerous plan to sell the only thing of value I had left, myself, to a vampire. All in order to uncover the truth about the scandal surrounding my father and his death. I had to leave one nightmare for another to overcome my misfortune. Can a monster turn into her dream come true? Can a mere girl inspire new melodies for a world-renowned lyricist?