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Blood Feud by Jayne Castel

A forced marriage ... and a passion that could forge peace or start a war. Tea is the daughter of a Pictish chieftain upon Dark Ages Isle of Skye. To end feuding, Tea's brother has promised her to the leader of a neighboring tribe. Furious at her brother's betrayal—for she blames the enemy for her parents' deaths—Tea rails against her fate. Galan mac Muin is a young chief determined to end decades of blood feud between the two warring tribes—even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. But when he meets Tea on the day of their handfasting he dares to hope this statuesque embittered beauty might eventually warm to him. Tea isn't prepared for her powerful attraction to the dark and brooding man she has just married. Yet together Galan and Tea have the chance to forge a new future—one that will ensure lasting peace—if only they can let go of the past. BLOOD FEUD is the emotional first book in THE WARRIOR BROTHERS OF SKYE series. Follow the lives and loves of three Pict warrior brothers: Galan, Tarl, and Donnel. Fans of well-researched and immersive Historical Fiction and Scottish Historical Romance will love this series set in Dark Ages Scotland.
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