Blind Love
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Blind Love by Leon M A Edwards

An introvert millionaire lives inside a large mansion with fifteen bedrooms in Bel Air, Los Angeles. He lives with his parents, siblings, and their respective families. He writes novels about falling in love that he can only dream about in his imaginations. He has held a torch for a woman he has known since elementary school. She is a renowned surgeon that has never noticed him and is engaged to be married. She becomes blind when she is involved in a car accident. Her cheating fiancé has no time to look after her, due to business commitments. An opportunity arises at his lavish seasonal garden party. Can he help her overcome blindness while hiding his strong infatuation for her? Can she see through her blindness that he is the right one for her? Read this heart-warming story to find out if she can overcome blindness and fall in love with him. Read the book now Also by Leon M A Edwards To The Stars (Contemporary Romance/ Inspirational Novel) Jane Knight Rogue Officer. (Action & Adventure/ Romance) Jane Knight Fair Game. (Action & Adventure/ Romance) Ponta Delgada A Good Place To Die. (Action & Adventure/ Romance) Eternity Wing And A Pray. (Action & Adventure/ Angel/ Paranormal)
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