Black Ice
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Black Ice by Mickey Miller


Recklessly cocky. Brutally handsome. Exceptionally Talented. And Utterly Ruthless.
Meet my childhood crush, everybody.
Except “little” Shane North is all grown up now, and he’s out for revenge…on me.

Before I moved away, Shane was my best friend’s older brother. But Shane isn’t the lanky, spindly boy I used to know. He’s been replaced by a handsome man with broad, muscular shoulders and hockey scouts lining up to get him to play for their team.

When he “accidentally” sends me a selfie one night after a chance phone call, then shows up at my house per my mother’s request, a passion ignites inside me that I’ve never felt once in my life.

But there’s one big problem: Shane is holding onto an enormous secret. Something everyone in town seems to know but won’t tell me. My father was the richest man in Black Mountain, and had his share of enemies, as reading his diary informs me.

The more I fight my attraction to Shane, the more I fall for him. Despite his secrets, recklessness, and temper, he’s got a protective streak a mile wide for those he cares about. Which, after one very hot night, includes me.

My attraction to him comes on strong and without warning. But this is no fairy tale. This is a nightmare.

I just pray the big bad ice wolf known Shane North is on my side.

And before I make it out of Black Mountain, I’m going to have to confront the secrets about my father this town has tucked away.

Or should I say, if I make it out of this town.

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