Billionaire’s Sins
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Billionaire’s Sins by L. Steele


On your knees...

Father Edward Chase.
Brooding. Growly. And... unavailable.

He's the hot priest.
I am a belly dancer.

He's haunted by his past.
I am trying to carve out a future for my studio.

He’s at war with himself, and I am the casualty.

There is nothing he will put before his calling.
No stone he will leave unturned for his flock.

He’ll never give in to the attraction between us,
So what if he stars in all my dreams?

He may be a man of God.
But for me, he is temptation personified.

Making him fall for me is all I ever wanted.
Until he reveals his secret...

A storm cloud of a man crashes into a girl whose innocence forces him to confront everything he's spent his life running away from. 1-Click NOW

Note: This story features a priest as one of the main characters and a love triangle.

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