Big Billionaire Boss
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Big Billionaire Boss by Ali Parker


A major cosmetics company is looking for America’s next sweetheart to be their perfume cover girl, and honey, that just ain’t me.

Or I didn’t think it was.

My brother offered me a chunk of change to behave in our family-owned restaurant for one day, and that’s the day handsome walked back into my life.

My brother’s best friend from school.

But he’s a big shot now, working for the billionaire owner of this company that’s offering me a shot.

And the old man doesn’t have an heir, so my handsome first love is in line for the jackpot.

Together, they’re on the hunt for the girl next door.

Unfortunately, due to me behaving for a day, the old man my guy works for decides I’m just the girl for the job.

He couldn’t be more wrong, but if it means more money in my pocket and stealing a few more minutes of my first love’s attention, I’m in.

Fake sweetheart that pleases the crowd? That’s me.

The best part is that with all of this money, I’ll get to pursue my dream of becoming a romance author.

There’s only one catch to this sweeping Cinderella story—I’m highly allergic to perfume.

No turning back now. The contract is signed and the games have begun.

All I can do now is jump in and literally hold my breath.

I’m ready for the ride of a lifetime with my big billionaire boss.

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