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No one looks at her twice because of her size… hence she turns to mail order bride. Rosalind Lee has been a large, beautifully curvy woman for most of her adult life. When her father dies and leaves her in the midst of insurmountable debts, she is forced to turn to become a mail order bride. Cassidy Gerber, a single father and saloon owner in Evergreen, Wyoming writes to Rosalind, proposing marriage. When Rosalind arrives, she finds life out west to be far more difficult than she had imagine – made worse when two strangers need to make their marriage work. As self-confidence, natural disasters, and an evil moneylender threaten their relationship, Rosalind must learn to value herself for the beautiful and kind woman that she is. And Cassidy, realizing that his love for his wife might be too little, too late, is forced to confront a terrible truth… Out in the trying, untamed west, Rosalind and Cassidy fight for love and acceptance as their feelings, and their true selves, are put to the test.