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Beyond Light and Darkness by D Pichardo-Johansson

Joy thinks she's falling in love with FBI Agent Richard Fields—but is the man who makes her mind soar and her heart swoon really who he says he is? Those who challenge the Lords of the Universe—a secret society of new-age fanatics—have a habit of winding up dead from unnaturally 'natural causes.' While witnesses in the case against the LOTU drop like wilted rose petals, FBI expert Richard Fields has been investigating one suspect in particular, Dr. Joy Clayton. The newly exonerated widow of one of the cult's fanatical leaders, Joy is beautiful, brilliant, and an angel on earth—and Richard is powerless to resist his feelings for her. Soon, their love affair is just one more secret that could instantly end his career. For Joy, her attraction to Richard is instant and undeniable—but she knows the LOTU aren't the only ones keeping secrets. Burned by years with a psychologically unstable husband, Joy's constantly on edge—and forced to wonder if she can trust the feelings she's developing for the man who burst into her life using a fake identity and fictional cover story.
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