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Between Now and Forever by Dylan Allen

He’s on the edge of stardom. I’m on the edge of disaster. One night will change our lives forever... I'm standing in the middle of a storm when Carter Bosh asks me to dance. He's a complete stranger, but his outstretched hand and glittering green eyes are too tempting to resist. I'm looking for forever. And the brooding piano prodigy isn't offering it. We just want one night to forget the rest of the world. His touch sparks a fire like I've never felt, His kisses are intoxicating and unforgettable. But it's the tenderness in his eyes that leaves me spellbound. I share secrets with him I’d never told anyone else, his arms a safe haven where I want to rest forever. I should have known the sunrise would bring tragedy. Because, fairytales weren’t written about girls like me. And when we’re forced apart, I find myself in the fight of my life. He might be my knight in shining armor, but I don’t need him to save me, I need him to pass me a sword. Because this is one fight I refuse to lose, and I won’t stop until he’s my happily ever after....
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