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Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson

If you enjoy epic journeys featuring heroes with lost souls and heroines caught between two worlds, you'll love this edge-of-your-seat adventure that pushes pioneers to their limits and turns enemies into lovers on the Oregon Trail. On a trail full of danger, will he guide her to heaven or hell? Kansas 1850... Hannah knows one thing the moment she enters Fort Leavenworth—she's arrived in Hell. But inside is the means to a new life, a position as a scout on a wagon train bound for the Western Territories. All she has to do is convince the wagon master, Paden Callahan, she's the right person for the job. After his wife was murdered by the Comanche, Paden let his work as a Texas Ranger consume him. Now he wants nothing more than to disappear into the West. Unfortunately, the one man he can't refuse has asked him to guide a wagon train full of tenderfoots across thousands of miles of Indian land. But Paden's greatest challenge turns out to be Hannah, a woman his heart won't allow him to ignore even though she was raised by an enemy he hates. * * * Between Heaven & Hell is the first book in the Lonesome Hearts series. The adventure continues with Following Faith (Oregon 1852), Choosing Bravery (Oregon 1868), and Rescuing Raven (Deadwood 1876). This series follows the frontiersmen and women who meet on the Oregon Trail and afterward. Each story features characters from the other books but is also a standalone read.