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They've always been best friends, but he's never known about her secret fantasy... Marlowe Glass has always been the girl next door. Responsible and organized, she is raising her orphaned niece while holding down a full-time job. Clark Hudson knows the only woman on the planet who isn’t a man-eater is his best friend, Marlowe. She stood with him in high school and has had his back ever since his wife walked out on him to pursue a career in New York City. They’ve been best friends and neighbors forever. When a tree falls on her house, of course he offers to allow her to live with him while her house is being fixed. Their personalities and parenting styles don’t mix – she’s super organized with a rigid schedule and he’s very relaxed, but their years of friendship have given them insight into the other’s personality. Maybe these best friends could fall in love, if it weren’t for the kids and the ex and the in-laws, along with the fear that they could ruin the best friendship both of them ever had. Can they risk their life-time friendship for the chance of a life-time love?
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