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Best Friends Forever by Jess Bentley

The one I could always rely on, my shoulder to cry on, my BFF. He’s back in my life. And he’s all man. I'm ready for new step—best friends with benefits. But now he wants more than this single mom ever expected. To honor our marriage pact—til death do us part. Clay: I never stopped loving Penny. She was everything to me, and I never told her, Not even when she casually promised me her hand in marriage. "If we're still single in fifteen years..." Now those fifteen years have passed—and she's shown up in town, Fragile and beautiful, falling into my arms and rekindling the spark we felt so long ago, Until it's an inferno. She melts at every touch, whimpers and begs for more. But she tells me she’s not in it for love. She just wants s*x, that's all. I get it. But I'm not a kid anymore. I know just what she needs. She wants stability, a father for her young son. She wants a man who can take care of every inch of her. I’ll make her fall in love, show her she belongs to me. She always has. I'll give her our 'forever,' And prove to her that we were meant to be so much more than just best friends. Jess is not about cheating, cliffhangers, annoying heroines and alphaholes. You won't find any of that in Best Friends Forever. Just a satisfying and delicious second chance, marriage pact romance.
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