Bella’s Reluctant Cowboy
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Bella’s Reluctant Cowboy by Francesca Lane


The town bad boy, the "baby" of her family, and the forces working to keep them apart ...
Bella Morelli arrives in Colibri Beach, the past behind her, ready to show her siblings she has what it takes to fulfill her part of their parents' quirky last wishes. She never intended to become derailed by a bachelor auction on her first full day in town ...

Rafael Sutter plans to get out of Colibri as soon as possible, to go where his reputation and mistakes no longer haunt him. But when a friend asks him for a favor--to participate in a bachelor auction fundraiser for the local animal shelter, he can't bring himself to refuse.

All Bella wanted to do was help the shelter. Who knew the cowboy with the sad expression would draw the ire of her siblings?

Rafael didn't need a complication like Bella in his life. Especially one whose doe eyes and wholesome smile pointed him toward the reckoning he'd been avoiding for years.

Can Bella and Rafael see each other for who they really are ... and find the love of a lifetime?

In the Beach House Memories Clean Romance Series, the Morelli siblings inherited their parents' beach house in beautiful Colibri Beach--but there's a catch!

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