Behind Every Good Man
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Behind Every Good Man by Rebecca Milton


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Gabriel and Lord Alvert were the very best of friends. Close, with a deep respect for each other. Now, suddenly Gabriel finds himself facing a challenge from the Lord, a duel, swords at dawn because Gabriel, the Lord Alvert believes, has tried to seduce The Lady Bishop away.

The breach of friendship, the audacity of the crime, the breaking of class and station, was too much and the Lord has sent his seconds and issued the challenge. Gabriel does not fear the blade, does not fear losing. He does, however, fear the truth. Yet, the truth is the only thing that can set him free. Free from the challenge, free from the wrong but, above all, free from the secret he has been keeping his entire life.

This is NOT some table-thumping tome that will end up unread and gathering dust on your virtual bookshelf – this is simply a well-written romantic short story that will have you flipping over the pages in feverish anticipation – perfect for a lunch break or when you have some time to kill!

Books in the contemporary fiction genre are composed of stories that may happen to real people in actual settings. The novels don't fall under other genres or categories. They often happen in precisely the same period that the reader is living (the present), with things that are now, or might be occurring, precisely the same period. The contemporary genre also contains conversational and casual dialogue and sometimes even regional dialects. Contemporary fiction novels will provide you a lot of choices to grow your life reading list. Writers, generally speaking, search for what's trending in their own time for their literary work since it lets them illuminate the weakness or strength of the society.

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