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Bedside Manor by Amanda Aksel

“There was something about her . . . it was her heartbeat that drew me in.” Beau So yeah . . . I have a pattern of choosing the wrong men. After too many heartbreaks, a girl needs a break from love. It’s not very glamorous for a Hollywood socialite to avoid handsome heartthrobs at all costs, but I’m sort of a superstar at it now. That is until my best friend’s wedding when I’m paired up with him . . . Mick, the man who satisfies all my vices—sexy with a London accent. Mick I hate weddings. Especially after my own pre-nuptial fiasco. I’d rather stitch a beating heart in a twelve hour surgery than be the best man at my brother’s wedding. It was supposed to be a forgettable trip to New York until her . . . Beau, the sexy bridesmaid who wants a hot doc to show her his bedside manner. Only one night of pure pleasure and I can’t get her off my mind. Two months later, she’s out of my dreams and in my hospital after her movie mogul father ends up on my table. I repair his heart but have no idea what’s going to happen to mine when she tells me about the two pink lines on her pregnancy test. Having a family is a dream I forgot about but is it what she wants? Bedside Manor is a sexy & sweet billionaire medical and secret baby romance. If you like Mick-dreamy doctors, steamy private jet rendezvouses, and heart racing romances, then you’ll swoon over this satisfying love story. ♥No cheating. No cliffhanger. And an HEA that will make your heart skip a beat♥ Bedside Manor is Book Three in The Londonaire Brothers Series but is enjoyed as a stand-alone.
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