Becky Tibbs
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Becky Tibbs by Chariss K. Walker


In this five-book cozy mystery boxed-set, Becky Tibbs sees ghosts... and she is not afraid to help them!For the second boxed-set that includes books six through ten, look for this ASIN: B08W4MRXJ2Join Becky as she solves many mysteries in this light, clean, airy, and informative series. Fans of the television series Ghost Whisperer, The Dead Files, and Medium will enjoy this series.Cozy mystery? Check. Ghosts? Check.Ghost Animals? Check. Amateur Sleuth? Check.Becky has the gift the same as her brother and sister. The only difference is that her siblings don’t want anything to do with their paranormal abilities and they’ll do anything in their power to drown out those disembodied souls who plead for help.Award-winning author, Chariss K. Walker, has combined the first five books in Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series in one download for your reading convenience. This book includes:•A Medium's Birthday Surprise #1•A Medium's Thanksgiving Table #2•A Medium's Christmas Gift #3•A Medium's Valentine's Day Delight #4•A Medium's Easter Epiphany #5You can find the rest of the books in this series on the series page: Tibbs is a sweet girl, maybe a little too sweet, but it’s difficult to fault her for an innocent nature. Some might consider her naïve. And she is. She’s had little knowledge of a larger world others might live outside North Carolina. On the other hand, she’s had a lot of experience dealing with ghost problems.Be on the lookout for the next installments in this series, A Medium's 4th of July, Book 6, ASIN: B08BJCHKCRA Medium's Engagement, A Medium's Wedding Day, and A Medium's Honeymoon with more books coming soon.Scroll up to get your copy now!

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