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Beautifully Restored by Trisha Madley

Emerson Dawson has lived her life by following the rules, being the perfect wife, and daughter-in-law. Forced into a loveless marriage for a business deal. She has always done what was expected of her; especially, when it came to her mean and controlling husband and his family. But when she is ordered to oversee a car restoration at a shop on the other side of the country - She could not have foreseen a worse situation. That is until she meets the mechanic, Donovan Bradley. He was exactly what she expected - a greasy Neanderthal who was furious she was there to babysit him and his work. He tried to make her stay miserable and force her to leave - until they found that they had an undeniable chemistry. Beneath his rough exterior and bad boy ways; she finds a kind-hearted man, full of compassion and passion, and a protectiveness that she has never felt. He becomes everything she never knew she wanted. Can their love survive the wrath of her husband and his family to find the happily ever after they deserve? An opposite attracts, forbidden romance with all the feels!