Beautifully Broken
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Beautifully Broken by Clare Connelly


They say opposites attract, but that's the last thing this brooding bad boy wants...

Reclusive billionaire Gabe Montebello hates Christmas with a passion. From the carols to the decorations to the endless spirit of love and optimism, he takes himself away from the world each December, determined to shut everyone out. Only his memories pursue him mercilessly, memories that reflect the scars he bears – physically and emotionally.

Australian Isabella Moss loves everything about Christmas and this one’s going to be her best ever! Two weeks in an idyllic Italian village, she’s all set for a season of festive merriment when she takes a wrong turn and ends up stranded by the side of a road. With snow falling heavily, a mysterious mansion offers the only hope for safety.

Trapped together in his Italian palace, Gabe is determined to keep the beautiful stranger at arm’s length, but her joy for life and irrepressible Christmas spirit almost seem capable of removing the curse that has dogged his every step since the tragic accident that changed him forever.

An homage to the much-loved Beauty and the Beast, this is a heart-warming story of trauma, grief and the magic of Christmas. Book 6 in The Montebellos, fall in love with brooding bad-boy Gabe this Christmas.

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