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Three heart-wrenching books in one sizzling set! “…checks all the boxes - smart, sexy, and full of heart!" - Jessica Peterson, Bestselling Author of the Charleston Heat series This complete boxset contains all three books in Sophia Henry’s Steamy Contemporary Romance opposites attract series. Book 1 - OPEN YOUR HEART (Rockstar, Rich Girl Poor Boy) A struggling musician without a penny to his name. An aspiring surgeon from an affluent family. A car accident that launches his career...and ruins hers. Austin I’m no hero. But when I saw a wrecked, still-smoking SUV, I had to help. I never thought I’d see the driver’s beautiful face again. Never wanted to after I found out she was from one of the wealthiest, most powerful families in the city. I’d never be good enough for a woman like her. But there she was six months later, in the second row at my show, dancing to the song I wrote about her. Maybe fate is more powerful than money. Liz A car accident took away full use of my hand—which is difficult for anyone, and catastrophic for a surgeon. The career my parents pushed me toward since I was a kid is over. I don’t know how to tell them—or where my life goes from here. Then I met Austin, the brooding, sexy musician who stole my breath—and unlocked my heart. We come from different worlds, and my family has made it very clear they don’t approve. I’m no material girl—I thought we could make it work. But I didn’t realize how far my parents would go to keep us apart… Book 2 - LIVE TO TELL (Fake Fiancé, Friends to Lovers) Secrets. Lies. Webs I vowed never to weave because of how many I’ve been caught in. But when I told the truth, it didn’t set me free…it set me on track for deportation. So when Madeline Commons, heiress to one of the country’s largest department store chains offered to help me with my situation, I agreed. I needed a way to stay in the country. She needed to get away from her abusive ex. A fake relationship seemed like the perfect solution for both of us. But there’s a massive problem with our plan. Being with Maddie has been my fantasy since the first time I laid eyes on her. The biggest lie isn’t our relationship, it’s telling myself I can keep my feelings casual. Before I started this crazy facade, I thought losing my business and the life I built over the years would be the biggest consequence of our deception, but now I realize... it’s losing Maddie that will break me. Book 3 - CRAZY FOR YOU (Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, May/December) I’m gonna kill my brother. I should be in the office keeping our tattoo ink distribution company together. Instead, I’m stuck dealing with a 22-year-old, tatted-up Tinkerbell. Em Vicious is a walking, talking contradiction: a sassy, goth fairy with a body inked in flowers, stars, and jewels. While she’s promoting Ambassador Ink, the flirtatious free spirit needs a sitter. And thanks to my brother and his wife, who’s about to drop twins, I’m the one who has to accompany her during her tour as a guest artist at tattoo shops across the country over the next four weeks. Sharing the same space with an immature artist is hard enough, but her undeniable talent has me thinking about my own past. When the barbs become banter, and desire flourishes from frustration, I should tell her to turn and walk away. I see too much of myself in her--and it scares me. I'm afraid the pressure of money and fame might lead her to the same place it led me--the peak of a suspension bridge and ready to jump. *** The Material Girls complete boxed set is a sizzling-hot opposites attract collection. Heart-racing, heart-wrenching, and an absolute must-read bundle.