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Baker Bear by Scarlett Grove

Donika Devon’s career has taken her to Harvard and the most powerful law firm in New York City. When a shocking discovery at work leaves her life in shambles, she has nowhere to go but back home to Fate Valley ... where she signs up for a shifter-human dating website. An unconventional courtship ... Grayson Baxter loves good food, baking, and running Fate Valley Cafe and Bakery. The only thing his life needs is his mate, so he’s overjoyed when he learns that he and Donika have been matched. Even sharing their first date with her eccentric relatives doesn’t faze him. A recipe for danger While Grayson is taking part in a baking reality show, someone is hunting Donika … someone who wants to stop her from talking about what happened in New York. Before she and her mate can start a life together that’s as sweet as one of Grayson’s desserts, they’ll have to find out who’s responsible. Can Grayson win the contest and keep his mate safe while solving the case?
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