Bad Boy Bear Shifters
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Bad Boy Bear Shifters by Liv Brywood


Bad Boy Bear Shifters have never been so naughty...

A complete paranormal series with FIVE growly bear shifters on the hunt for their FATED MATES.

Bad Bear Daddy

Bear shifter Kade Hunter loves brawling at the local roadhouse. When deputy Emily Redson arrests him, he's determined to give her a more tempting reason to use her handcuffs.

Bad Bear Santa

Bear shifter Tristan Hunter is every woman's fantasy and he knows it. When he's snowed in with his clan enemy, he decides to pass the time by seducing her into the only bed in the cabin.

Bad Bear Redemption

Bear shifter Dusty Kirkland lost the love of his life when he almost killed her in a tragic accident. Now, he's back for redemption. Laurie wants to forgive her mate, but first, he needs to be willing to forgive himself.

Bad Bear Bull Rider

Bear shifter Xavier Holt is panty-melting hot — and totally wrong for Eva. He’s reckless, wild, and definitely off limits… until one night changes everything between them.

Bad Bear Player

Bear shifter Jax Devlin has feral blood coursing through his veins. He’s only interested in two things: poker and women. Although he’s vowed never to cross the line with his best friend Riley, her scent drives him wild. When the chips are down, he might not be able to ignore his bear’s animalistic instincts.

This is the complete Bad Boy Bear Shifters series. There are NO CLIFFHANGERS and each story has a HEA.

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