Baby Daddy Wanted
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Baby Daddy Wanted by Taryn Quinn

My life changed when I posted an ad on Crescent Cove’s Facebook Wanted page. I wasn’t looking for a used car, but what I was looking for counted as a need too, right? BABY DADDY WANTED Single, personable woman seeking a man for the purposes of procreation. I wouldn’t mind if he looked like Chris Pratt, but that’s not required. No further interaction with the child is required, unless desired by father-to-be. Child will be created the old-fashioned way, assuming both parties agree. Contact V at goodtothelastdrop. I wasn’t expecting much, to tell the truth. For a week, I got no bites. No licks—or clicks. Nothing. Then I got a reply. We started to email. Text. Maybe almost…sext. He was sweet. Funny. Suddenly, the idea of doing the naked make-a-baby rumba with him seemed like more fun than function. Then I found out who he was. He found out who I was. And tomorrow, I’m going to see him at work. * * * Author’s note: The hero doesn't start out as a single father, but he's on board with adding his cream to her coffee. Baby Daddy Wanted is a standalone romantic comedy with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
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