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Ayden by Melissa Belle

In AYDEN, the third Wild Man by USA Today bestselling author Melissa Belle... We always swore we'd never cross the line ... A Best Friends To Lovers Beach Romance. Bella I promise to keep my hands to myself. No matter how much I want Ayden Wild, I will not, should not, absolutely cannot, have s*x with him. He may have been the biggest football star our small town's ever seen, but all those former cheerleaders can have him. Because Ayden’s always been my lifeline, and that means...hands off. Warm, safe, rock solid, erect...Oh GOD, I just can’t stop myself tonight. Ayden’s always been hot, but this summer, his body’s distracting me so much I forget what we’re talking about. So I stay glued to my barstool, and I flirt with the guy next to me. He’s not Ayden, but he’ll have to be my distraction. But Ayden’s acting…different. Like he wants something but he’s not telling me. Ayden Bella Wesley is driving me crazy tonight. She’s letting that douchebag flirt with her, and buy her drinks, and ask her out. I should be the one she’s looking at that way. I should be the one holding her hand. And I desperately want to be the one taking her into my bed. But we made a pact to strictly be friends. To make sure we’d get each other through the dark times. And we did. It doesn’t mean I didn’t want her every damn moment since then. Of course I handled it the only way I knew how—I dated everyone but her. So I know a distraction when I see one. But if I tell Bella how I feel now, right before I leave town, it could screw everything up. And if I don’t? I’LL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.
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