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Autumn in Colorado by Milan Watson

Lacy’s never been a gambler, but she’s just taken the gamble of her life. As the new owner of the run down White Horse Inn and Saloon, Lacy Parker wants to bring it back to life. A rumored drinking hole of Wild Bill, Lacy wants to recapture the Wild West with modern luxuries, but to do that she needs a contractor. Andrew Bennett was the popular guy in high school. Those days are in the distant past now that he’s a successful carpenter and contractor. When Lacy contacts him for an estimate he agrees out of curiosity, because Andrew doesn’t think Lacy has either the gumption or the cash to do what needs to be done. When Lacy and Andrew meet the animosity is mutual. With the football field and cheerleading batons in the past, neither of them expect an instant attraction. Lacy is hesitant to give her heart to a man that has trampled numerous hearts before. Andrew is fascinated by Lacy and her ideas for the Inn, but he’s terrified of the way she makes him feel. While Lacy and Andrew fight against their feelings, someone else is trying to make sure the old Saloon is never reopened. Will Andrew and Lacy take a chance on each other? Can they stop the sabotage before there is nothing left to save? Find out now in the fifth installment of the Colorado Crazy Series and catch up with old favorites. * * * Autumn in Colorado is a ranch romance guaranteed to tease your senses and make you dream of cowboys again.
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