Ask Me To
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Ask Me To by Elizabeth Castle


Dowdy lawyer Theo Landry wasn’t happy working for her father, but his chief investigator made coming into the office everyday worth the while. She never expected anything to come of her infatuation with Jack Warner, but it didn’t hurt to look.

Private investigator Jack Warner was interested and intrigued by his boss’ daughter, despite Theo’s severe hair and boring wardrobe. There was something about her that had caught and kept his attention. But dating his boss’ daughter probably wasn’t a good idea.

When Theo finds herself in need of protection, her father assigns his favorite investigator to watch over his daughter. Jack and Theo find themselves thrown together and living in close quarters. Theo wants Jack, but doesn’t think she’s his type. Jack wants Theo but knows that his first priority is to protect her. But the desires of the heart can’t be put off indefinitely, and if Jack wants Theo to stay with him always, he’ll have to find a way past her defenses to keep her.

Note from author: “This is the second book in The Heart’s Way series, approximately 55,000 words. Jack and Theo’s story was actually finished before the first book, For Now And Always, because I became obsessed with Jack. I hope you love him as much as I do. All The Heart’s Way books can be read separately, but of course like most series, it’s more fun in order. Please note the story contains adult sexual situations, but does not contain language that I personally consider vulgar. I hope you enjoy.” – Elizabeth Castle.

Heart's Way Series:
Book 1: For Now and Always
Book 2: Ask Me To
Book 3: Say You Love Me
Book 4: Forever Love

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