Art of the Heart
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Art of the Heart by Sophie Mays


When feisty twin Anna-Jane Wyatt moves back to her hometown to take up her position in the new family business, she doesn’t quite know what to expect. But AJ, as she’s lovingly known, is an artist and has never been afraid to face a brand-new blank canvas.

What she doesn’t expect to find in her little mountain town of Serenity Falls, Colorado is a heavenly cappuccino served at a great new coffee spot…or her adorable former classmate, Cody Woods, running the place!

Long gone are the days of Cody’s schoolboy glasses hiding surprising navy blue eyes. Anna-Jane quickly discovers an equal in quick-witted Cody; two hometown kids stepping up to help their families and become part of the community that raised them.

But she soon finds herself buried under a mountain of work, as she struggles to balance the family business with her professional art career. Cody is in a similar circumstance, working overtime to establishing a strong customer base in order to be able to pay college tuition for his younger siblings.

Both have important matters vying for their attention, but neither can deny that they’re drawn to each other.

Can two people, dedicated to helping their own large families, find a way to add someone new into their lives?

With a little creativity, they might just find in the other the support they each need to truly flourish.


Welcome to Serenity Falls, Colorado, where coming home to the warm embrace of family awaits and starting new life chapters is in the air.

The family matriarch and patriarch, Mimi and Boone, gifted each of their grown children a parcel of acreage on their vast family land to do with what they please. The hope being that they would each make their way back home to Serenity Falls. Then who knows? Find their callings, fall in love, and maybe even start the next generation of Wyatts. With an unexpected idea brought to the table, Hannah, Carson, Emma, and twins Anna-Jane and Jake Wyatt each have a role to play. They may be different personalities from one another, but their combined energy and skills just might make their bold new family venture work!

Follow along with the Wyatt family, as five siblings and their parents embark on a new journey together, building the Wyatt Ranch Retreat.

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