Around the Blooming Heather
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Around the Blooming Heather by Celia J. Lisbeth

An American looking for a fresh start. A sexy Irishman with a devastating secret. Can romance bloom before the ghosts of his past catch up to haunt them? In the midst of a “Turning 30” crisis and on the heels of another failed relationship, Carley Adams makes the bold decision to pack up everything and move to Ireland for one year. Once there, Carley soon finds trouble in the form of a handsome stranger she meets in a pub—the best kind of trouble. After an unforgettable night with Eoin Flaherty, she realizes he won’t be easy to stay away from since he happens to own the shop next door to her new office. As they spend more time together, Carley begins to wonder if she's setting herself up for more heartache. She should just forget about him, right? Her time in Ireland is limited anyway. But she can't get the sexy Irishman out of her head despite the fact that he has a bad habit of pushing her away as soon as they get too close. Old wounds run deep and a lingering shadow from his past threatens to tear their blooming relationship apart for good.
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