Anomalous Secret
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Anomalous Secret by J.C. Skylar


An experiment gone wrong. A girl with a secret. And a forbidden love like no other.

Seventeen-year-old Sage Hansen and her twin brother were part of a science experiment gone wrong. Now, not only do they have to keep their new abilities a secret, but they must live on the run from the Trackers who want them dead.

As they settle in their new town, the last thing Sage means to do is accidentally transport the star athlete of her new school, Damien Holt, into her mind. To protect her secret, she’s forced to deceive him...

Making him believe he was dreaming wasn’t hard, but having dreamt with her only complicated things. Now, he keeps looking at her in a way that just about takes her breath away. And even though she knows she should keep her distance, those hazel eyes keep her from thinking straight. But when Damien’s life is put in danger, running away is no longer an option...

The only way to save him is for Sage to embrace her ability and reach her full potential--then face her enemy head on.

You'll adore this forbidden love romance because it will give you all the feels as if you're falling in love for the first time... all over again.

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