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An Unexpected Bride by Ashtyn Newbold

When a missing lady returns to Brighton, all she wants is to protect her child. Can a marriage of convenience with an honorable gentleman save them both? Eleanor Claridge had it all. A family that loved her, a secret romance with a handsome soldier, and a beautiful home in the seaside town of Brighton. Abducted and taken to Scotland under the ruse of a happy elopement, Eleanor was forced to marry the wicked man she had once loved. Widowed and alone, she flees on the first coach back to Brighton with her young son, vowing never to marry or trust another man again. Henry Beaumont, by all opinions of society, was meant to be a vicar. After inheriting an estate, he finds his life of a gentleman boring, bleak, and without purpose. When he meets the missing Claridge girl on her journey back to Brighton, he is drawn to protecting Eleanor, her son, and their many secrets. When Eleanor's reputation and the safety of her child are questioned, she has no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with Henry, whose kindness and inviting blue eyes leave her questioning if love is such a dreadful notion after all. Can she learn to open her heart again? Or will the secrets of her past catch up with her before she has the chance? Don’t miss the conclusion to Brides of Brighton, a sweet regency romance series. Each story stands alone, but are best enjoyed when read in the order below: A Convenient Engagement Marrying Miss Milton Romancing Lord Ramsbury Miss Weston’s Wager An Unexpected Bride
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