An Unconditional Surrender
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An Unconditional Surrender by Candace Irvin


How much would you risk to save the one you love?

Special Agent Jack Gage is willing to risk everything.

He may have to.

When Jack left the Army and Delta Force to join the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, he knew he'd be leaving Capt. Danielle Stanton and their tumultuous relationship behind as well.

What Jack didn't know was fate wasn't done with them. While on a mission to take down an international terrorist cell, Jack is sucked into the heinous world of human trafficking. From the moment Jack sees Dani clothed in little more than bruises and shackles, he knows he'll do anything to save her.

He may not be able to.

Jack still has his mission. Rurik and his thugs are planning something big. What's in that war-torn barn? The rest of Rurik's slaves? Or something worse? Something that'll take out the entire city of Sarajevo and its half-million inhabitants?

Jack will need Dani's help to get past the guard and the lock on that barn door...along with the ones protecting her heart.

An Unconditional Surrender is a 33,000-word romantic suspense. If you like strong, female protagonists mixed with intense romance and page-turning suspense, you'll love this story by Candace Irvin.

Grab your copy of An Unconditional Surrender and immerse yourself in Jack and Dan's gripping Bosnia journey to happily-ever-after.

*Originally published in the In Love and War anthology by Silhouette Books.

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