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An Inarticulate Sea by Tamsen Schultz

Dive into this thrilling romantic suspense filled with secrets, family, corruption, and murder. Rules. Everyone has them and everyone lives by them. Sometimes they’re our own and sometimes they are someone else’s. But when Deputy Chief of Police Carly Drummond finds a woman tortured, killed, and dumped in her town, she’s forced to play by rules she doesn’t understand that were put in place by someone she doesn’t know. If she doesn’t, life in Windsor—life as she knows it—could experience a sea change no one is prepared for. Order. Drew Carmichael is man who likes order. He doesn’t just like it, he requires it—it’s the only reason he’s been able to lead the double life he’s been living for almost twenty years. But when he can’t pull himself away from the secrets, uncertainties, and dangers swirling around Carly, his orderly life takes a dive and he finds himself swimming in waters he’s never before encountered. Chaos. Control is what Drew and Carly both want—control over their futures, over their growing feelings for each other, and most of all, over the situation that is threatening to throw their lives into chaos. But it is within this chaos that the opportunity to set a new course, to find a new horizon, can be found. If only they can stem the tide of the coming storm. If you enjoy action-packed romantic suspense novels with twists and turns you don’t see coming, AN INARTICULATE SEA is the book for you!