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An Enduring Love to Heal Her by Lorelei Brogan

Emilia Johnson has always had a tough life. When her father is taken to a mental asylum, everyone turns their back on her. She is constantly being teased and treated cruelly by people who fear contracting insanity from her family. On top of it all, she has always been suffering from an illness and her health is getting worse day by day. Her mother can't bear to see Emilia getting sick anymore, and she decides to send her out west, hoping that the warm weather will help her regain her health, as well as her confidence. Will Emilia seize this great opportunity and start her life over? Derek Stevens is a thoughtful rancher in Texas. He is running away from a painful past and a family that he is embarrassed to be a part of. When he first meets Emilia, he is completely uninterested in pursuing a relationship with any woman. Being truly wounded, he does not believe in true love. The unforeseen circumstances, though, will bring them closer together. Will they manage to overcome the obstacles and learn the whole truth about each other? While Emilia and Derek build a closer relationship, Derek's evil twin brother tries to ruin things between them. Will they be able to clear up the misunderstandings and build a common future? Or will they continue to be emotionally distant for the rest of their lives? "An Enduring Love to Heal Her" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.