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Is an accident always an accident? Or can a chance encounter be God’s plan for your life? Emily Knepp is to be married. But first, she must get to know the man who is to be her future husband. But something about David Studor is off, even if she doesn’t know what. But what Emily does know, is that friends and family expect her to follow what’s best, and they all think David is the man she’s supposed to finally start a family with. Yet on her way home from work one day, she literally runs into Samuel Raber, a quiet, unassuming man, but with an honorable heart and certainly easy on her eyes. But more than that, he’s a good talker and listener, and she can’t help but feel something for him deep inside. This is a problem, for David is the man she’s meant to marry. And for whatever reason, Samuel, while at first seems interested, soon loses interest and she thinks he’s changed his route to avoid her completely. Although perhaps it’s for the best, for things between her and David are finally starting to come around. But it isn’t long before her initial instincts are proven true, and she catches him for the person he really is, even if she’s the only one who sees it. Is David the man she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with? And if not, where does that leave her now? And she can’t stop the nagging feeling there’s something more between her and Samuel, if only she can untangle her own heart and thoughts. An Accident from Heaven is a warm, Amish tale of young love and romance by Emma Maas. Read it today…
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