All. Only.: Virgin & Felon
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All. Only.: Virgin & Felon by Scarlett Finn


Jobless and homeless, Shyla Bellamy needs a miracle.

Trouble is, she doesn’t make the best first impression. With no work history and no education beyond her high school diploma, she’s not exactly a catch.

While failing to impress her interviewer for a position that could solve all her problems, Shyla gets a break. The boss decides to take a chance on her. Why? She has no idea.

Just grateful to have her miracle, she throws herself into her new life… maybe with a little too much enthusiasm.

By the time she learns who she’s working for, there’s no going back. Turns out, the man who took a chance on her is the estranged son of the country’s biggest crime boss. Why is he estranged? Because his own brother set him up for murder.

Score McDade walked away from his life, from his past, from his family. But a man used to being in charge, being feared, can’t walk away from who he is. As his orders become more personal, more intimate, Shyla has to decide if she’s ready to take on some extracurricular responsibilities.

Should she refuse Score’s orders or give herself over to his command?

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.

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