All of Me (Brothers Pub Book 1)

All of Me (Brothers Pub Book 1) by Kristyn DeMaster


My new neighbor walked into my life with a misdirected package. She left with the worst first impression of all time. 

It's for the best, though. I don't have the time or the inclination to play friendly neighbors with the hauntingly beautiful girl across the hall right now - especially not since the last woman I trusted stabbed me in the back. 

She's the reason I'm so tense right now. That same traitorous ex has just announced she's gate-crashing the biggest post-championship event of my life. And this time, she'll be on the arm of the one other person I never wanted to see again - my former rival for the championship, and the man who nearly drove me from the boxing ring prior to my retirement. 

I'm worried I won't be able to hold it together in front of the pair of them - and harsh words are often followed by rash decisions. Decisions like stepping back into the boxing ring to take a fight I couldn't possibly win. 

It sounds crazy, but I've got an idea that my new neighbor from 4A might be the only person that can help. There's something about Mia Kelly that brings calm to my restless soul. Every time we pass in the hallway or make eye contact on the stairs, I feel something I haven't felt in a long time: like maybe I wasn't destined to be alone after all. 

But I can't possibly tell Mia that. She'd think I was crazy - or worse. So, I'll ask that sweet, shy girl to fake it for me instead - to stand by my side as my pretend date as I confront the two people who once tried to tear down my world. Mia's the only one who can give me the strength to do it. I just hope I can stay strong enough not to reveal how I really feel about her when she does. 

All of Me is the first in Kristyn DeMaster's Brothers Pub series; a steamy sports romance praised for "great chemistry" and characters that readers "care about and root for as a couple." 

Welcome to the Brothers Pub series; where the beer is always cold, the passion is always hot, and a happily-ever-after is always guaranteed. 

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