Alien Tongues
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Alien Tongues by Chloe Parker


Dr. Natalie Lewis may be an expert in alien languages, but there’s more to fluency than simple vocabulary.

When Natalie arrives on the alien planet of Logos to study an ancient artifact, she expects to be welcomed by her Lyran hosts with open arms. But not all Lyrans like humans, and a violent faction of the alien race thinks of human culture more like an infection to be eradicated at any cost.

Natalie learns the hard way that some Lyrans don't want her meddling in their ancient history.

Guardsman Kiran Va’shan is assigned to watch over Natalie as she conducts her research. From the moment they meet, he feels a sense of protectiveness toward her - an urge to be with her no matter the cost. Lyran legend speaks of a “cosmic bond” between two people that ties their fates together, but the archaic notion of fated mates flies in the face of Lyran culture, which emphasizes logic over love.

A relationship with Natalie is forbidden, but Kiran can’t help but fall further into her orbit.

Beyond all reason, Natalie and Kiran begin to explore their attraction, even as Lyran politics threaten to tear them apart. Physical relations between humans and Lyrans are strictly forbidden, but the two find it hard to resist fate. As they’re drawn into a complex web of cultural relations and political turmoil, the starcrossed lovers fight for an impossible affair that is, somehow, destined to be.

ALIEN TONGUES is a sci-fi alien romance featuring a smart, strong heroine and an alien bodyguard hero. Readers who like their romance with an HEA and a fleshed out sci-fi world will love this first entry in the Cosmic Bonds series.

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