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He is her billionaire boss during the day while she is his secret pleasure in the evenings. Falling for him is the most dangerous thing she's ever done. Making her happy her is the most pleasurable thing he’s ever experienced. Alexander Harrington, the mercurial billionaire, is a walking puzzle. Fire and ice, the blue-eyed man, is hot and cold as he is mysterious and possessive. Jaded Lex has a secret that still gives him pain, making him skeptical about finding a woman to his taste. Fresh out of college, Dahlia Fox lands a job with Alexander's company. A professional by day and a minx with a wild streak by night, she quickly gets smitten with her handsome boss who happens to share her taste for mysteries. Alexander Harrington doubts she can handle the boardroom when he interviews her for the job. Little does he know that beneath her delicate appearance lives a volcanic woman who not only would excel at her job but also change his view on love. This is Lex and Dahlia's first book. Although a standalone, Lex’s story includes spoilers of James’ story since his story takes place in the same world but at a later date. To gain knowledge of the backstory, reading James’ story (Book 1-3) first is highly recommended. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Larger than life, the men of the Night of the Kings Saga have swoon-worthy stories that span over 18 books. Their stories respect a timeline, and therefore should be read in order for the best reading experience. Currently, there are four stories within the Night of the Kings Saga, more to come in the future. HEA at the end of each story.
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