Again Love Again
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Again Love Again by Chai Rose


They were childhood sweethearts… who never met.

1989. Emma Potts is certain one day her songs and guitar playing will make her famous. Bonding with a sweet boy over Bruce Springsteen, the talented eighth-grader truly finds her passion when they share a magical first kiss. But by the time they reach the end of high school, he’s into drugs and her band is on the way up… under the direction of a possessive adult.

Present day. Mackenzie Smith worked hard to become a musical celebrity. Finding the courage to finally flee her ruthless manager, she takes solace in the arms of a handsome veteran with a troubled history. And with everything spiraling out of control, she clings desperately to this burgeoning romance in the hope of putting things right.

Reluctantly submitting to the toxic man’s grip, Emma struggles to find happiness and yearns for her first love’s caress. And as Mackenzie encounters a relentless stalker on her trail triggering echoes of a past she never lived, she may discover the truth lies at the wrong end of a pistol.

Can these seekers across time fix the mistakes of linked pasts?

Again Love Again is an enthralling supernatural romantic suspense. If you like dual timelines, pained hearts healing, and the unifying power of togetherness, then you’ll adore Chai Rose’s emotional tale.

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