Adored by the Cowboy
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Adored by the Cowboy by Liwen Y. Ho


A standalone romance! Read the series in any order! Previously titled Falling for the Younger Cowboy.

Two best friends. One secret chili recipe. The truth comes out when their fake relationship cooks up more feelings than they expected.

On the cusp of turning forty, Lexi Turner is finally single and happy. She has the perfect job working at Sage Valley Ranch and spends her free time hanging out with her best friend, James. Life is peaceful and carefree until her ex pays an unexpected visit to the ranch… with his new, much younger girlfriend in tow. 

Head cook James Scott is ready to settle down now that he’s thirty. He’s been smitten with the gift shop manager since she started working at the ranch a year ago, but he’s been biding his time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell her how he feels. When Lexi asks him to be her pretend boyfriend to prove to her ex that she’s moved on, he jumps at the chance to show her love still exists.

The lines of friendship blur as Lexi and James play out their real emotions in their fake relationship. 

Adored by the Cowboy is the second book in a heartwarming group series that’ll keep you laughing and swooning from one clean romance to the next. The books can be read in any order, so jump in wherever you like and get ready to fall in love with Sage Valley Ranch, where country life is sweet, and romance is even sweeter. 

Sage Valley Ranch Romance

1.Romancing the Cowboy

2.Adored by the Cowboy

3.Cherished by the Cowboy

4.Charmed by the Cowboy

5.Inspired by the Cowboy

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