Aces High MC – Charleston Complete Series
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We were supposed to be a family, but somewhere along the lines something broken destroyed us. Putting those pieces back together was the struggle that brought most of us to our beautiful happily ever after. The loss that brought us all together was one that we would all feel - forever! Book 1 - The Other Princess (Ever and Deck) Book 2 - A Love So Hard (Lucy and Double-D) Book 3 - The Princess and the Prospect (Anna and Joker) Book 4 - The Killing Ride (Christina and J-Bird) Book 5 - A Twist of Fate (Gretchen and Kane) The Aces High MC - Charleston Complete Series is comprised of five full-length novels that must be ready in order. This is not your typical MC Romance, as it is more about internal family struggles than wild Motorcycle club adventures. Each of the five novels features a new couple with their own HEA (happily ever after), however there is a continuing storyline throughout.
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