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Accidentally Hitched by Piper Sullivan

“I can’t be a divorcée! Not unless I have stretch marks, wine-tinged bitterness, and a big fat alimony settlement!” I’ve always had a thing for the boy next door Nash All six-foot-four of him. With his dreamy blue eyes and dark hair. And by dreamy, I mean I dreamt of him. A lot. Of the dirty things he would whisper in my ear. Of his hands roaming my body, making me feel sexy and beautiful. But dreaming was all I had. Until one small town party and my crazy aunt turned my life upside down. Now I’m his accidental wife. I should still keep my distance, I’ve had enough of people with questionable motives. Except, I want everything that comes with being Nash’s wife. Especially him. I’ve always had a thing for curvy Viviana She was feisty, she was sassy. She had a body I wanted to feel against mine. I need to taste her skin, to hear her moan my name. But she was also totally off limits. As a single dad I can’t afford to risk my daughter’s heart on another woman. Especially since she was our neighbor. And my friend. But one night changed everything. Vivi and I are now accidentally married. And I’m desperately trying to figure out how to make this accident... permanent.
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